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What is included in a heat pump cleaning?

Heat pumps are finicky devices.  Compared to a furnace, they require a bit more maintenance.  The list below is a description of the key steps our technicians perform during an annual cleaning / maintenance visit.  Many of the most expensive repairs can be prevented by simply keeping the outdoor unit clean and free of leaves, dirt and debris.

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Outdoor Unit

  • Inspect outdoor condenser
  • Detergent cleaning of outdoor condenser
  • Vacuum debris from fan and grill.
  • Test heating and cooling controls
  • Test capacitor (the most common point of failure)
  • Test relays & hi-low limit switches.
  • Inspect the refrigeration metering device to ensure it’s working
  • Inspect lineset and electrical line for abrasions

Inside unit / air handler

  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Flush and clean condensate drain lines
  • Measure amp draw of fan/blower
  • Check air filter, replace as needed
  • Check blower motor for bearings and balance problems
  • Full test run cycle, inspect for vibrations, unusual sounds, etc.
  • Check safety relays
  • Capacitor test
  • Test high / low safety limit switches