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A bit about us

Our passion

Elevation was created to bring together the three key elements of HVAC into a single resource.  Comfort, energy efficiency and air quality are at the core of every project we undertake.  This isn’t easy, as these factors are often in tension with one another.  For example, as you increase the energy efficiency of the home, you often worsen the indoor air quality.  And of course, as you increase comfort, you often leave behind energy efficiency.  We founded Elevation to break through these compromises and develop truly effective systems.

Our history

Our roots can be traced to a background in indoor air quality consulting and remediation.  In 2003, we created Environix, which has since grown to become Washington’s premier indoor environmental company.  Over the course of thousands of projects, we noticed these investigations often led back to poorly designed and installed HVAC systems.  While we could identify the issues for our clients, we left it up to them to find a competent contractor to remedy the problem.  Our clients often struggled to find providers with the breadth of focus necessary to bring the elements together.

Eventually, the solution became obvious.  We needed to tackle this ourselves.  This began a long and exciting journey of finding new ways to serve our clients.  Though our services have expanded over time, our passion remains the same today – provide the highest levels of expertise combined with our unwavering commitment to integrity.

Our locations

We have two locations to serve our customers, North Bend & Lynnwood.  This allows us to efficiently serve customers throughout the Puget Sound.  Our current service area extends to Everett on the north end, Renton in the south and North Bend to the east.


James Mallory