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North Bend HVAC Service & Installation

Our North Bend branch provides quick access to customers throughout Snoqualmie Valley and the Eastside.

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Services Provided

  • Furnace repair & install
  • Heat pump & Air Conditioning
  • Mini-splits, ducted mini-splits, ceiling cassettes
  • Load calculations
  • New duct installations

When people think of North Bend’s weather, they typically picture clouds and rain.  While there is some truth to this, North Bend is surprisingly warm in the summer.  In fact, North Bend is typically 5-7 degrees hotter than Seattle or the Eastside.  We’re just far enough away from the Puget Sound to lose the moderating effect of the ocean.  For this reason, many customers are adding air conditioning to their homes.

Common questions from our North Bend customers

Should I install a heat pump?

Ultimately, this question comes down to your values and budget.  From a clean energy standpoint, heat pumps are without parallel.  Because our electricity comes from hydropower, switching to a heat pump will transition your entire heating load away from fossil fuels.  In many parts of the country, this isn’t as effective.  If the electrical grid in your town is ultimately powered by coal or gas, your heat pump is still burning fossil fuels.  Western Washington is blessed with a unique combination of mild winters and hydropower which makes it an ideal location for heat pumps.

These devices work by pulling energy (heat) from the air and sending it to your home.  They are essentially an air conditioner that is capable of running in reverse.  Surprisingly, heat pumps can extract heat from air well below freezing.  It’s difficult to imagine, but even 15 degree air has a substantial amount of heat.

But I’ve heard they don’t work well on cold days

Until recently, heat pumps struggled when the temperature dropped below 30 degrees.  Therefore, most heat pumps required a backup heat source, such as gas or electric strip heat.  Mitsubishi changed all of this when they released their Hyper Heat units.  These heat pumps maintain their full capacity all the way down to 5 degrees.  While North Bend has periodic cold streaks, this is well below anything we’ll experience out here.

I want to add air conditioning – what are my options?


These units do not utilize existing ducting and provide both air conditioning and heat to the individual room.   They mount on an exterior wall and are individually controlled.  This allows each room or area to have a different temperature set point.  For example, if you have a home office that runs much warmer than the rest of the house, you can provide cooling to just that room (without freezing the rest of the house).

Ducted mini-split

If you have sufficient space in your attic, these are the best choice.  The unit sits entirely in the attic and uses two short ducts to provide conditioned air to registers on the ceiling.  These are much quieter than a traditional mini-split because the coil is mounted in the attic.  They are also much more aesthetically pleasing.  The only visible portion is two flush mounted registers.

Add a coil to your existing furnace

For homes with existing ductwork, this is the most economical solution.  An air conditioning coil is installed on your furnace, and cool air is pushed throughout your home by your existing equipment.  Ducted systems can struggle with providing even heat on 2 or 3 story homes.  Naturally, warm air rises, which creates a 4-8 degree temperature difference between the floors.  If you want the master bedroom on the upper floor at 70 degrees, the lower floor will likely sit at 65 or 66 degrees.  This can create comfort issues.

The best solution is to combine a ducted mini-split with a traditional coil on your furnace.  This allows individual temperature control of the upper floor, without wasting energy (and causing discomfort) trying to cool the entire home.

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North Bend Heat Pump Installation Info

Recent Projects

Ducted mini-split installation – North Bend

This home was a perfect candidate for a ducted mini-split.  No existing ductwork was present and the attic provided sufficient space for a new system.  Ducted mini-splits work like a traditional furnace/air handler but operate on a smaller, more compact scale.  This allows us to install the systems entirely in the attic without using up garage space.   In this particular install, a single unit powered the whole house, with duct runs to each room.  Both heating and air conditioning are provided for year round comfort.

Mitsubishi heat pump / AC unit

Heat pump installation in North Bend.

Main trunk line with take-offs for branch ducts

HVAC system installation in North Bend.