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Heat Pump Installations for North Bend

Due to its mix of rural and suburban homes, North Bend homeowners typically come from one of the following three scenarios.  Each comes with its own set of considerations (and tax benefits).

Converting from electric heat to a heat pump

While they’re becoming less common, many older homes in North Bend utilize electric resistance heat (baseboard or wall heaters).  There are two possibilities when converting from these systems to a heat pump.  The choice primarily depends on the layout of the home.  For single story homes with good attic access, a ducted mini-split is a great solution.  This provides all the benefits of a heat pump/AC without the aesthetic issues related to wall mounted mini-splits.   Photos and additional info is available on our ducted mini-split page.

If your goal is to just heat/cool a single large area such as a living room or great room, a wall mounted mini-split can work well.  Just remember, despite what a contractor may promise you, the air will not flow into adjacent rooms.  You’ll need dedicated mini-split units in each room/area you intend to heat or cool.

If you’re coming from electric heat, you likely spend a bit more on the installation cost, but this will be offset by the additional rebates from Puget Sound Energy.

PSE Rebates – ductless heat pump conversions

  • $800 rebate
  • $2,400 efficiency boost for low & moderate income households
  • Customers with an existing heat pump, or have installed a new heat pump as air conditioning only are not eligible.
  • For an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), the unit must be occupied full time.

PSE Rebates – ducted (forced air) heat pump conversions

  • $4,000 rebate.
  • $2,400 efficiency boost for low & moderate income households.  Additional info is located here.
  • Customers with existing heat pumps, or have installed a new heat pump as air conditioning only are not eligible.
  • Only valid for systems installed between June 19, 2023 and Dec. 31, 2023.

While not all heat pumps qualify, the vast majority of the units we install will receive the credit.  The current minimum HSPF2 rating is 8.6.   Note – installing a single unit in a bedroom will not qualify.  The system must heat the main portion of the home.  PSE’s guidelines change regularly – check here for the latest details.

Federal Tax Credits & Rebates

Ducted & ductless heat pumps in North Bend qualify for a $2,000 tax credit.  Note, the overall household cap for all energy efficiency credits is $3,200.  Therefore, it’s best to spread out expenditures over several years (i.e. windows, insulation, etc.)

Ductless heat pumps must meet the following minimum efficiency standards:

  • SEER2 16
  • EER2 9
  • HSPF2 > 9.5

Ducted heat pumps must meet the following minimum efficiency standards:

  • Designated as ENERGY STAR Cold Climate that have an EER2 > 10