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We take a different approach

Many HVAC contractors are content to simply swap out your old system with a new version. Not us. What if your old system was undersized? Oversized? In most homes, the existing system was not sized correctly.

Interview the customer

What isn’t working as well as you’d like?  Which rooms run cooler (or warmer)?  Is your second floor warmer than the first floor?   Is your current system constantly cycling on and off?  What is your ideal winter and summer temperature?  Do you want a home that never drops below 70F, even on the coldest winter day?  Or do you prefer a cooler home?

Perform a full load calculation

Next, we evaluate your home.  Surprisingly, most existing HVAC equipment is incorrectly sized.    Many contractors simply look at the size of the existing equipment and write a quote for a direct replacement.  This rarely yields good results.  In many homes the ducting is undersized and the equipment oversized.  This leads to high static pressure and poor temperature control.

We perform thorough heat load calculations to determine the unique needs of your house and family. We’ll calculate all of the factors that influence the heating and cooling requirements for your home.

  • Wall, ceiling and floor insulation levels
  • Window square footage & r-value
  • Skylights (these have an enormous impact)
  • Room by room square footage
  • Static pressure of existing ducting
  • Mechanical ventilation

The load calculation software provides the required BTUs of heating and cooling required for the home.  These figures are matched to a corresponding furnace or heat pump.


The final result is a system designed for total comfort, efficiency and reliability.